Friday, October 28, 2011

My failure to launch a cover bands leads to this

As a youngster (who am I kidding, even now), I entertained the idea of starting a cover band that would cover only hidden gems from both A-list and B-list rock bands. For example, we wouldn't play Pearl Jam's Alive, but we might play a B-side like Breath.  Or we would play Toad the Wet Spocket's Crowing, Live's Every Time I See Your Face, Ben Folds Five Kate, Gin Blossoms Mrs. Rita, etc. You get the idea - or maybe you don't. You probably haven't heard of any of these songs. The idea behind my concept cover band is this: One, these songs are amazing, oftentimes superior to album cuts that received very heavy radio play. The random fan in the audience just thinks you have a very eclectic mix of good-to-great songs that he assumes is the cover bands' own material. But every now and then you would get a fan who would just be super-duper-psyched that we were covering that obscure Ryan Adams song she loved, or that amazing Better Than Ezra song nobody else appreciates. This is all a long way of introducing a theme I'd like to revisit from time-to-time on the blog.  In the spirit of covering awesome songs, I often find myself cruising through Youtube looking for acoustic covers of obscure songs that I love.  Recently, I've found myself obsessed with a cover of Hootie & The Blowfish's Michelle Post by a guy named Mac. In comment threads of this post and future posts, please recommend other acoustic covers or acoustic cover artists, to include on this blog.

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