Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Healthcare and the Supreme Court

So I'm reading how today was a disastrous day for healthcare proponents before the Supreme Court. You know what? It shouldn't fucking matter!

Honestly, this case shouldn't have even made it to the Supreme Court. The mere fact that it did make it to the Supreme Court is ipso facto evidence that the conservative majority plans to overturn it. That's a fucking joke. I mean, an even worse joke than Citizens United and Bush v Gore. If the Supreme Court plans to overturn the individual mandate, you might as well throw out the entire Constitution. It is literally a meaningless document that has no standing whatsoever. There is no meaningful difference between the mandate and a tax. And if the federal government cannot tax its citizens, it literally has zero power to do anything, including raising money for, and providing for, a standing army. Might as well throw out the document and start over. It's more toothless than the Articles of Confederation. And we saw how that worked out.

It's horrifying that I have to pray for a Hail Mary from that fraud John Roberts to save this country from sliding into the abyss.

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  1. I'd like to say that this kind of thing could cause a constitutional crisis but we already had the Supreme Court step in to decide a Presidential election for no legal reason and fuck-all happened so I don't get my hopes up.