Monday, October 8, 2012

You don't have to be smart to be rich

Data Point #3,475,630,127 that there is no correlation between being wise or politically savvy and being obscenely rich. From the recent New Yorker article written by Chrystia Freeland and avocated by the man ("One-Percenter" Leon Cooperman) who recently wrote a letter comparing Obama to Hitler:

Now Cooperman is planning another political volley. With his Omega partner Steven Einhorn and fellow-billionaire Ken Langone, the co-founder of Home Depot, he has drafted a second open letter, which he hopes will be co-signed by a large group of self-made billionaires, and published as a newspaper advertisement in some swing states. Cooperman estimates that it will cost around a million dollars, a sum he says the group will split. “It’s going to be, you know, ‘We are the one per cent that came from the ninety-nine per cent, and we want to see more of the ninety-nine per cent move in our direction, but we fear the President’s policies discourage that from happening,’ ” Cooperman said.

Can I be the first to donate $5 to these guys to run this newspaper ad? I know I'm not one of the top 1%, but I want to do my part to fight encroaching communism too! I can't imagine a more convincing campaign ad then a hysterical, hyperbolic whine from the world's richest white men. I'll throw in $10 if they agree to include individual photos of themselves covered in flop-sweat, wearing ill-suited suits, and lighting cigars with $100 bills. We will will turn those swing state undecideds into Romney voters yet!

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