Friday, February 10, 2012

America's Worst Fans

Apparently Boston was concerned that Philly was running away with the title "America's Worst Fans," and wanted a shot at the title. As read in Rick Reilly's column,
The Patriots should not renew Welker's contract, suggested Luke Hughes of Boston's "It's a hard sell to start with and an even harder one when you consider that [fourth-quarter] drop," he wrote.
Let me get this straight. You're going to get rid of the man who led the NFL in receiving this season, everybody's first-team All-Pro, because he couldn't haul in a ball that was high and over the wrong shoulder?
Apparently somebody agreed with Hughes. Eight thousand Butterfingers were dumped in Copley Square on Tuesday to mock Welker.
Forget about the one or two idiots who wrote in to say the Pats shouldn't renew Welker. Any team fan base has more than a handful of assholes and dipshits who believe such things. But a coordinated effort to humiliate the team's second best player? I mean, when you dump eight thousand Butterfingers in a town square, we are talking about a statistically significant size sample of your team's fans. I know the Giants have their share of terrible fans - hell, some of my friends number amongst them. But could you imagine Giants fans doing something like this to Amani Toomer, or Hakeem Nicks, or hell, Howard Cross? Absolutely not.

Wes Welker, you have a place on the Giants if you want to give those troglodytes in Boston the treatment they deserve. Hell, I'll do Patriot fans one better. You guys can sign Super Bowl "hero" Mario Manningham and we'll sign Super Bowl "goat" Wes Welker. Deal?

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  1. The Butterfingers were dropped by a online company from Denver so it wasn't the Boston fans that did that. But I thought it was ridiculous that they were calling him Wes "Buckner" the next day.