Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where are all of my ambitious politicians?

It's actually a bit curious to me why more people haven't take up the mantle of people like Eliot Spitzer since his resignation a few years back. No one has really gone after the financial companies with equal vigor since him. That's strange. I have high hopes for people like Eric Schneiderman (NY) and Martha Coakley (MA), who have taken up the cause, but the reality is that they lack the charisma and passion of a person like Spitzer. But let's think about Spitzer's meteoric rise. The man was an Attorney General in NY and yet he had national name-recognition! No one can even name their own state's Attorney General! If Spitzer didn't get caught banging so many prostitutes, he would probably be President in 2016. So how come more politicians aren't taking on the banks? It's pretty much a shortcut to the top of the political heap. People already bought their pitchforks and torches. Now we just need some to lead the way and light the fires. Clearly the banks conspired to take Spitzer down, but come on! Every single politician in this country can't be screwing hookers, can they?

BTW, it goes without saying that Elizabeth Warren is teh awesome. But she is running for the Senate. I want to know why more state Attorney Generals aren't suing the financial banks and criminally prosecuting their officers.

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