Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lieberman Out

I was hoping I would go my entire life without posting a single blog about the world's most grand-standing US Senator, Joe Lieberman, but today he came up with an idea so monumentally stupid it takes my breath away - he wants readers to be able to "flag" comments on google blogger when the blogs contain "terrorist" content.  Is he fucking serious? This man is a US Senator?!? This kind of reactionary idiocy has no place in the world's most deliberative body.  If, by some miracle, legislation like this passed, I will be spending entire days flagging the twitter accounts of Republican presidential candidates for terrorist activity.  For example, did you know that this VP candidate painted a bulls-eye target on Democratic candidates, including Gabrielle Giffords? Did you know this current Republican candidate has called for violence against Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and has called for Texas' secession from the Union?


  1. Damn, from the headline I thought he had announced his resignation or something. You just terrorized me by getting my hopes up.

  2. I know - a weird title, but in my mind's eye, I just picture Joe Lieberman taking the Senate floor, proposing something ridiculous, sayin' "Lieberman Out", dropping the mike, and just walking away.