Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your Liberal Media Part 1,000

Nowhere on the front page of the NY Times will you find the story about the four men in Georgia who conspired to go on a killing spree with ricin. You can dig it up on CNN, but it's pretty much buried. And you'll never see this described as a terror plot, presumable because the attackers are white, red state, "Real Murkins".  However, we get wall-to-wall press coverage, including musings of a new U.S.Iran war when , as Glenn Greenwald describes:

[Iran] just dispatched a failed Texan used car salesman who constantly loses his own keys and can’t pay his bills to hire teams of Mexican drug cartel gunmen to attack a Saudi ambassador on American soil!

Honestly, that was about as sophisticated as the Iranian terror plot grew.  And yet, check out this breathless coverage:

 By this standard, shouldn't we need to be considering war against Georgia? Or at least mobilizing U.S. troops to surround the state as we are doing around Iran?


  1. I'd prefer to declare Waffle House a terrorist supporting organization. I have personal reasons for despising Waffle House and this sort of thing just adds fuel to the fire.

  2. I don't like Waffle House either but that's because I think the food sucks (too greasy). On the other hand, I very much do enjoy other red state mainstays we don't have here in NY like Cracker Barrel, Golden Corral, and Denny's.